About Us

Our school was incorporated and opened its doors in September of 1958 with two classrooms and a staff of four. Fifty-plus years later, TPP has evolved into 8 classrooms and a staff of 20.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the early childhood experiences are crucial ones for each child.  To ensure that children’s needs are met, we place emphasis on developmental theory and research-based best practices.  With a careful combination of cognitive skills and developmentally appropriate tasks, we create a relaxed environment that stimulates curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.  Through free and guided play, children learn not just content, but also critical thinking skills, to collaborate with others, to be innovative thinkers, to communicate easily and well, and to be confident in their abilities – all skills which will carry students into 21st century learning.  With our small class sizes combined with a small child-to-staff ratio, we offer the kind of individual attention each child deserves.

Our Credentials

  • Our Morning Preschool Program is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).
  • Our Before and After School Program and our Parents’ Day Out Program are licensed by MSDE’s Office of Child Care.
  • We enjoy our association with the Maryland Family Network and the Child Care Directors’ of Central Baltimore County.
  • We are also a member of the Maryland State Childhood Association

Our Staff

Our teachers are fully approved by the Maryland State Department of Education with college degrees and Early Childhood Education credentials. Our assistant teachers and classroom assistants are approved by and meet the requirements of MSDE’s Office of Child Care. Except during naptime, there are always two adults with each group of children.