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Towson Presbyterian Preschool

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“This is truly a wonderful preschool…”

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We’re Proud of Our Legacy

Since 1958, Towson Presbyterian Preschool has been delighting parents and changing the lives of generations of children.

“I’m amazed at all the fun and engaging educational activities the teachers at TPP come up with. Both of my children have attended TPP and we can’t say enough great things about this school.”

Rhonda C.

“Our son has gone to TPP for three years, and we had a wonderful experience. All of his teachers were so creative and caring – you can always tell they appreciate each kid and understand what is special about them. I love the emphasis on play and art, but I am also really impressed by how much he learned and I know he’s ready for kindergarten next year…”

Karen H.

This is truly a wonderful preschool. Our son attends TPP and we could not be happier. He is a high energy boy and they truly embrace this rather than try to tame it. The teachers are always happy and never seem tired or drained like other preschools. They have a developmentally appropriate approach to learning from which my child has learned from. I highly recommend this preschool.”

Whitney M.

We love the play based approach and feel our daughter will be ready for kindergarten. All of the teachers were very nurturing as we transitioned in and Mrs. Broh-Kahn checks in with us regularly.

Sharon P.

I’m amazed at all the fun and engaging educational activities the teachers at TPP come up with. Both of my children have attended TPP and we can’t say enough great things about this school.

Kelly H.

“Awesome staff, flexible schedule, play based curriculum and wonderful community!”

Leslie B.

My three girls have all gone through TPP’s program starting at age 2. I am forever grateful for the love and creativity the TPP teachers pour into their early childhood programs. My girls all have a passion for being creative and artistic along with being emotionally, socially, and academically prepared for the rigor of elementary school.

Sarah F.

We learned about TPP through a cousin who attended a few years ago. The location, environment and expertise of the staff made TPP an easy place to choose for my daughter. I only wish she could attend TPP for the remainder of her elementary school years. We would highly recommend TPP to any friend or parent. We have been extremely pleased with this school.

Mrs. Lauterbach

We are so glad we found TPP.  We have been so happy with everything she has learned over the years and how grateful we are with the teachers. We can really tell how passionate everyone is at TPP. We couldn’t have asked for a better place.

Mrs. Crockett

What a wonderful, loving, creative and inspiring place is Towson Presbyterian Preschool. The staff is amazing…their patience, their energy, and their flexibility in making all of this work in spite of a pandemic. The day is full but doesn’t seem long. Bradley has learned important life lessons and lots of cool facts about the world around him. Glad we are part of this family, including Mrs. Darwin, Mrs. Valente, Mrs. Turner, Miss Brea and all the other thoughtful teachers and staff

Mr. Shannon

We’ve been very pleased with this school. The teachers were very attentive and nurturing as my 4 year old transitioned in. Mrs. Broh-Kahn checks in with us regularly regarding my daughter’s progress. We love the play-based approach and feel she will be kindergarten ready.

Sharin Fischer

Our daughter is in her second year at TPP in the 3 day 3’s class. We have loved our experience at Towson Presbyterian from day one. Maggie absolutely loves going to school, which is the most important thing to us at this time.

The entire staff are fantastic and provide a positive and nurturing environment. The mission, communication and updates have been so clear and organized from the beginning. As a business owner and a mother of two, I really appreciate this consistency.

Our daughter has learned so much in this past year, it’s amazing to watch her little mind develop and to hear about her day. From Music and Art to Science and Free Play, (even extra-curricular activities like Yoga and Soccer) TPP offers something for everyone!

We look forward to another three years with the TPP community as our youngest daughter, will be joining her big sister next year!

We are so grateful for this school and all of the staff that work to educate and enrich the lives of our most precious gifts!

Mrs. Daue
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