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Towson Presbyterian Preschool

We Make Learning Fun at Towson Presbyterian Preschool

From yoga to art shows, our students enjoy a variety of fun and enriching activities that teach them valuable skills they’ll carry into kindergarten.

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Lyon’s Den




Thompson Hall-TPC Shared Space For Events

TPC Nursery-Alternate Space for 2s & 3s

Toy Storage Room (1 of 3)

Main Office

Room 101-Before & After Room for 2s & 3s

Room 102-5 And 3 day 2s

Room 201-5 Day 4s

Room 203-5 Day 3s

206- 5 Day 3s

210- 3 Day 3s & 2 Day 2s

211-5 Day 4s

212-Afternoon Room For 4s For Lunch & Rest

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